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If you have received notification of a TPB investigation, you should contact King Lawyers immediately for legal advice and representation.

King Lawyers specialises in TPB matters and regularly acts for accountants and tax agents regarding their ATO and TPB investigations.

The principal of King Lawyers, Navid King, is a former ATO tax auditor and ATO tax lawyer.

King Lawyers has had extensive experience in dealing with TPB investigations over the last 10 years.

We have achieved excellent results for our client’s investigations by the TPB and the ATO.

Tax Practitioners Board (TPB)

The TPB is a statutory body established under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 (Cth).

TPB investigation

The TPB can investigate possible breaches of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009, including breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct by a registered tax agent, BAS agent or tax (financial) adviser.

If the investigation by the TPB determines that a breach has occurred, the TPB can impose sanctions on the tax professional for that breach.

Preliminary enquiries by the TPB

When the TPB has received a complaint or referral regarding the conduct of a registered tax agent, BAS agent and tax (financial) adviser, the TPB will make preliminary enquiries to establish the relevant facts and determine whether the complaint has merit.

If the complaint or referral has merit, the TPB can then escalate the matter to a formal TPB investigation.

Formal investigation by the TPB

If the TPB decides to start a formal investigation, the ATO will notify you within two weeks.

The TPB investigation is usually completed within six months.

At the end of the TPB investigation, the TPB will give you a written decision, which will outline the TPB’s findings and decision on the TPB investigation.

Sanctions by the TPB

The TPB can impose the following sanctions at the end of a TPB investigation:

  • Issue a written caution
  • Issue an order for completion of a course of training
  • Impose specific restrictions on a tax practitioner’s registration
  • Require a tax practitioner to practise under the supervision of another registered practitioner
  • Suspend the registration of a tax practitioner
  • Terminate the registration of a tax practitioner

Legal advice from King Lawyers on your TPB investigation

We regularly provide legal advice to tax agents and accountants on TPB and ATO investigations.

To get legal advice from King Lawyers on your TPB investigation, please contact us to arrange an initial conference with our experienced tax lawyers.

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