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If you are looking for the best tax lawyers in Sydney, contact King Lawyers for legal advice on your tax affairs.

King Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm that specialises in tax matters. Our offices are conveniently located in the heart of Sydney CBD (65 York Street, Sydney) and Parramatta CBD (60 Station Street, Parramatta).

The principal of King Lawyers, Navid King, is a former auditor, tax lawyer and senior tax officer of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Therefore, we have a detailed understanding of how the ATO thinks and operates, and we can use this to our advantage to achieve the best possible results for our clients.
Our experienced tax lawyers in Sydney provide expert legal advice to our clients on the following tax matters:

  • Federal tax laws
  • State tax laws
  • Tax disputes with the ATO
  • Tax disputes with Revenue NSW
  • Legal advice on federal tax matters including income tax, CGT, GST and FBT
  • Legal advice on states tax matters including land tax, stamp duty and payroll tax
  • Personal tax issues
  • Business and company tax issues
  • Trust tax issues
  • Employer tax obligations and related issues
  • International tax matters
  • Superannuation matters
  • Tax planning, compliance and risk management
  • Tax rulings and determinations
  • Tax audits, interviews and voluntary disclosures
  • Tax reviews and objections
  • Tax appeals and related matters
  • Tax debts and payment arrangements
  • Tax prosecution and criminal matters
  • Tax fraud and evasion matters
  • Negotiation and settlement with the ATO and Revenue NSW
  • Tax litigation and dispute resolution
  • Legal representation before the tribunals and courts

To get legal advice on your specific circumstances from our experienced tax lawyers in Sydney, please contact us to arrange an initial consultation.


At King Lawyers, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to our clients.

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