If you are looking for the best Perth tax lawyers for your ATO matters, contact King Lawyers for legal advice and representation.

Our Perth tax lawyers have extensive experience in tax matters and successfully dealt with thousands of ATO matters over the years. We have achieved great results for our clients and resolved their tax disputes with the ATO quickly and cost-effectively.

King Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm that specialises in tax matters.

The principal of King Lawyers, Navid King, is a former auditor and tax lawyer of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Therefore, we have a detailed understanding of how the ATO thinks and operates, and we can use this experience to our advantage to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our experienced Perth tax lawyers can help you with the following matters:

  • ATO tax audits
  • ATO tax objections
  • ATO tax appeals
  • ATO tax debts
  • ATO tax advice
  • ATO negotiations and settlements
  • ATO court matters
  • ATO tax fraud matters

The ATO respects your legal right to have legal representation for your tax matter. In fact, the ATO prefers that you engage an experienced tax lawyer to deal with the ATO on your behalf as this will usually result in a quick and efficient resolution of your tax matter with the ATO.

When you engage a tax lawyer for your ATO matter, the confidential communications between you and your lawyer that are made for the dominant purpose of legal advice or litigation are protected by legal professional privilege. This is another benefit in engaging a tax lawyer for your case.

The tax laws in Australia are complex and they change regularly. You need to understand the tax laws so you can comply with them. Ignorance of the law is not a defence. Therefore, you need to get legal advice from an expert tax lawyer to understand how the tax laws apply to your specific circumstances.

You must comply with your tax obligations under the tax laws in Australia. If you fail to do so, the ATO can impose very heavy penalties on you for your failure to meet your tax obligations. In more serious cases, you may be criminally prosecuted by the ATO and end up in prison.

If you are based in Perth, our Perth tax lawyers can help you with your ATO matters and get the best possible outcome for your tax case quickly and cost-effectively.

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