ATO Objection: Best tax lawyers for legal advice on tax objections

If you are planning to lodge an ATO objection, the best thing you can do is to get legal advice from a former ATO lawyer.

The principal of King Lawyers, Navid King, is a former ATO tax auditor and ATO tax lawyer. He has successfully managed and resolved hundreds of tax objections. Therefore, he can use his expertise and ATO experience to achieve the best possible outcome for your ATO objection.

King Lawyers specialises in tax matters and deals with ATO tax objections Australia wide.

We are experts in dealing with tax objections. We have acted for many taxpayers over the years and achieved excellent results for their tax objections.

To get the best result for your ATO objection, it is important and necessary that you get advice from King Lawyers as soon as you have received the ATO’s decision.

What is a tax objection?

A tax objection is a formal process whereby you can dispute an ATO decision or assessment.

In most cases, if you disagree with an ATO decision or ATO assessment, you have a legal right to lodge an objection against that decision. The ATO will then consider your objection and make a new decision on your case.

The ATO objection must be in the required form and lodged with the ATO within the time required under the law.

ATO objection form

The ATO has a prescribed form that must be used for a tax objection. However, the ATO form by itself is usually not enough to deal with the objection in detail.

In most cases, it is necessary for the objection to include detailed submissions to explain a taxpayer’s position and argue why the taxpayer considers that the ATO’s decision or assessment is incorrect.

To maximise your chances of success, your ATO objection and supporting submissions should be prepared by an experienced tax lawyer.

ATO objection template

Generally, it is a bad idea to use an objection template or sample letter that you may find on the internet.

An ATO objection must be specifically prepared for each case on the basis of the relevant facts and circumstances of each case. Therefore, a general template should not be used for a tax objection.

ATO objection time limits

The time limits for lodging a tax objection with the ATO can vary from 60 days to 4 years.

The time starts from the date that the ATO assessment or ATO notice of decision was given to you.

You should get legal advice on your ATO objection to ensure that you lodge the objection within the required timeframe.

ATO objection processing time

The ATO will usually make an objection decision within 60 days of receiving a tax objection.

You can only lodge one tax objection with the ATO

Under the law, you can only lodge one tax objection for each ATO decision or ATO assessment. Therefore, it is important to get the objection right.

If you or your accountant lodge an objection with the ATO and it is unsuccessful, you cannot then engage a tax lawyer to lodge a new objection for you.

To maximise your chances of success, your tax objection should be prepared by an experienced tax lawyer.

Legal advice from King Lawyers on your ATO objection

We help our clients from all around Australia with their tax objections. You can contact us if you need a tax lawyer in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or Canberra.

To get legal advice from King Lawyers on your ATO objection, please contact us to arrange an initial conference with our experienced tax objection lawyers.

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